Where it Began

Rina Patel is the woman behind Verve & Vogue. Her aspiration was to create a multi-designer boutique for women like her.  Born in Birmingham, England, she moved to the United States when she was 8 years old.  Her parents were both from India and taught her a great respect for the traditional Indian culture.  

From a young age, Rina has always had a love of fashion and her culture. She initially pursued a career in business and healthcare. However, her passion has always been in South Asian fashion. As a consumer, she found it difficult and time consuming to find contemporary fashion that also honored South Asian culture. If she was lucky enough to find something that inspired her, it was as a result of hours of searching and accessibility was a challenge.  Most designers are located in India leaving many women with few options.  

Rina realized there were many women out there experiencing the same challenges as she. As a result, she began designing her own pieces for a time. She found she had a talent in not only designing, but also curating a collection from designers. She began offering her designs on Instagram and quickly gathered a loyal following.  Encouraged by others to expand, Rina saw an opportunity to create an online boutique that allows women to celebrate their traditional heritage while expressing themselves through modern and unique South Asian design. Verve & Vogue was formed.