Verve & Vogue

Welcome to Verve & Vogue! We are an online boutique that offers the latest South Asian designer fashion to women everywhere. Our mission is to empower the contemporary woman by providing access to modern, unique fashion that enhances her confidence, honors her culture and supports the artisanship of South Asian designers.

Our name says it all. Verve & Vogue conveys the spirit, vitality and individuality of every woman. It also speaks to the contemporary style and modern design they desire. It allows women to feel confident, beautiful and unforgettable!

Created for women by women. Verve & Vogue offers carefully curated pieces from both established and emerging South Asian designers and allows for more accessibility to women throughout the U.S. and beyond.


Where it Began

Rina Patel is the woman behind Verve & Vogue. Her aspiration was to create a multi-designer boutique for women like her.  Born in Birmingham, England, she moved to the United States when she was 8 years old.  Her parents were both from India and taught her a great respect for the traditional Indian culture.  

From a young age, Rina has always had a love of fashion and her culture. She initially pursued a career in business and healthcare. However, her passion has always been in South Asian fashion. As a consumer, she found it difficult and time consuming to find contemporary fashion that also honored South Asian culture. If she was lucky enough to find something that inspired her, it was as a result of hours of searching and accessibility was a challenge.  Most designers are located in India leaving many women with few options.  

Rina realized there were many women out there experiencing the same challenges as she. As a result, she began designing her own pieces for a time. She found she had a talent in not only designing, but also curating a collection from designers. She began offering her designs on Instagram and quickly gathered a loyal following.  Encouraged by others to expand, Rina saw an opportunity to create an online boutique that allows women to celebrate their traditional heritage while expressing themselves through modern and unique South Asian design. Verve & Vogue was formed.


The Mission

Our mission is to empower the contemporary woman by providing access to modern, unique fashion that enhances her confidence, honors her culture and supports the artisanship of South Asian designers.

Why Verve & Vogue

  • Thoughtfully-Curated Modern Design
    •  A focus on high quality and fine craftsmanship: Unique embroidery. Exclusive patterns. Modern silhouettes. Enhanced functionality.
  • Honoring Tradition and Culture
    • Reimagining traditional design with a respect for South Asian history and culture.
  • Supporting Artisans from all over India
    • Provides increased exposure of established and emerging designers.
    • Allows for greater accessibility to more women across the globe.
  • Accessibility & Convenience
    • Both Made-to-Order and a small selection of Ready-to-Ship designs are available.
    • Ability to schedule virtual appointments for a personal consultation.
    • Serve as a liaison between you and designers to reduce communications barriers and time differences.
  • Emphasis on Sustainability
    • Ready-to-ship inventory is available for convenience but most pieces are made-to-order. Not only does this allow you to create something unique to you, it also helps reduce the waste and overproduction that exists in the fashion industry.
    • The pieces can be worn again and passed down to others as heirlooms.
Our Process

    We invite you to browse the eye-catching, curated selection and order straight from our website. We hand-picked each item with a focus on modern design that honors tradition and culture.

    If you prefer Ready-to-Ship items, we offer a size guide for you to preview.

    For Made-to-Order or Pre-Order items, you select a size (size chart provided).  For pieces that allow custom measurements, you can choose “Customize” on the product page and input your measurements on the online form.  (A measurement guide is available to help you determine accurate measurements.)  Made to order delivery times will be noted.

    If you are having difficulty deciding, let us help! You can email us directly or schedule a virtual appointment where we can offer our consulting services. We can show you what is in stock and assist with any sizing, styling or other purchase questions.

    Shipping time and fees vary depending on the item purchased and if your purchase is in inventory or requires customization. We will notify you of expected delivery times as well as when your purchase has shipped.

    At the end of the day, we aim to provide you with an inviting, seamless shopping experience that delivers you Verve & Vogue fashion that you can’t wait to wear and be seen in!